Sunday, November 27, 2005


This one's for the lovers. Billy Childish and Holly Golightly released the album "In Blood" in 1999. Hard to introduce that man without mentionning the hundreds of records he's released from the mid 70's until now (and the books and the paintings) but also his unique path into our hearts and ears. Billy Childish was never one to accept the many dodgy ways in which his talent could be absorbed and redigested by the media. So he only reached my ears recently and when you get the Childish bug, it never lets go. The garage blues rock sound that both Childish and Golightly are famous for sounds like it's coming from way back when. In their seemingly naive simplicity and stripped down songwriting, the pair concentrates on the feel of the music especially on this album.
One Chord! One Song! One Sound! The album is not a duet and does not have harmonies in the singing. Instead, it's a ride down a rhythm n blues tunnel of love where the two sing in unison about burning desires, love in its raw primal form and, well, ecstatic sex! Liberating? Well yeah, love is the word in the English language (or any language) that has the most bullshit attached to it, and not only in songs. What is love anyway? If you have a definition that isn't from a dictionary, thanks to comment. Or alternatively we can always get back to Plato's Symposium, but not Aristophane's stories on how we're missing that "other half" of ourselves, that's kinda too desperate (see Hedwig and the angry inch's total adherence to that fucked up concept). Socrates' concept is better and, thousands of years later, can be summed up like "you fucking drive me around the bend you little shit but that thing you do when you do this or look like that, that really gets to me."
Back to Billy and Holly anyways...
Upside Mine
I Believe
Let Me Know You

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Hey! They came, they were tired but they conquered! Beth, Brace and Hannah (aka The Gossip or Goxxip or Goxxip-youth or the motherfucking magnificent) played Brighton's (horrible) Ocean Rooms and it was great! Hannah, the new drummer who's also in Shoplifting, is wicked, she can do the loud garagy bits and then flip to the newer punky funky aspect that the band has taken without missing a beat. Brace's guitar playing is amazing, he sometimes sounds like he's playing guitar and bass lines at the same time (V pointed out). And Beth of course, not in the best mood but ready to give it her all with that wonderful voice of hers. The new material is much more elaborate than the garage gospel stuff from their previous albums but manages to retain that feel and when you see them do it live, it all makes sense because they really can pull it off!

The rest of the nite swirled into a lot of alcohol to celebrate V's birthday. Ladies and Dobermen, I'm now completely barred from Brighton's candy bar! My guess is that it happened because I did not take any shit from their coke head bar manager during the Ladyfest nite we had there (I'm not easily winded up but man did she know how to make me mad). This nite of the 23/10/05 famously ended up in the booby incident, a game where the coke head had to try and make every woman she had offended cover up their bare chests for fear of losing her license. OK this reflects on two things, one: licensing laws in England are becoming so fucking tight it's untrue, boys can show their tits in clubs whenever they want, why not girls and especially in a place like this? Second: we were so wrong to think Ladyfest could work in the candy, part of the girls who came dislike the venue and what it represents and the management are just up for taking our cash thinking they were doing us a favour by allowing Ladyfest there, fuck you we're giving you money, we want some respect! A girl was arrested on that nite for reasons as shady as Slim. OK the girl is fine now, it's all in the past and shit but obviously not for me! As we got in the club, the security lady asked to talk to me and told me to leave as she said I gave her a hard time last Friday, being aggressive and shit. Only problem is, I wasn't there last Friday (and I'm never ever violent). So what? Was she really mistaking me for somebody else or was it due to a walkie talkie com from Ms coke head 2005 (who was at the opposite end of the bar and probably spotted me)? Who knows, who cares. We ended up in Revenge and carried on drinking (that's the South's premier gay club, we had to reach a high degree of drunkeness to cope with the fact that we were there).

But that's yesterday's news yeah! And that was the song the Gossip performed as an encore on that nite. I LOVE that song. When they came back on stage, I asked Beth if they were taking requests, she said not now and that she'll explain why later. Boy she didn't need to, she introduced the song as being a homosexual song and that it was one she thought was quite important. When Brace launched into the first bar of Yesterday's News, I just went nuts. We all were nuts for that song as the crowd was singing along. Here it is in a September 2003 Peel Session recording (with Kathy Mendonca on drums for this one).

The Gossip - Yesterday's News (Peel Session)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


That's where I was on Saturday night after going to Her Noise at the South London Gallery. East Croydon train station is where my life (ok my evening) took the wrong turn. After, I ended up stranded at Gatwick Airport for a few hours. Ghost busses, costa coffee and spending money that you don't have to finally get home were on the cards. Fuck British Rail, fuck them right up the eye! Thankfully, I had a friend with me so it wasn't that bad.
Her Noise was good, and the gig was even better, I'll get back to it as soon as I've fixed a coupla things with the recording of that evening. Farewell to Partyline and Spider and the Webs, after seeing them in Brighton and Madrid, I kinda got used to them being around! For the moment, let's just say that their finale involved insane laughs and tremendous hip shakin. The South London gallery will never be the same again.
For this post, I'm coming out as a French and as a complete idiot since I think that other people than my friends read this. Here's 3 French tracks, one's for Verity whose birthday is today. It's Jeanne Moreau's Le Tourbillon from the film "Jules et Jim"! Another is for Hianta and Cecile, we should cover this Diabologum track and call it Freebutt Rock. Diabologum are awesome by the way, more of that soon. Les Calamites goes out to
The Bakery ladies, thanks for a really cool evening!
Jeanne Moreau - le tourbillon
Diabologum - Palladium Rock
Les Calamites - toutes les nuits

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Well tonite was the I'm Being Good album launch gig at Brighton's Freebutt. They had some technical problems so couldn't play for as long as they wanted to but they were amazing nevertheless! Got the album. Ack Ack Ack were playing too and that was a treat as I had yet to hear their new line-up with Charlottefield's Ashley Marlowe on drums, that guy IS the best drummer in England and the most inventive with a drum kit. And Dan Yelp of sords boy screamed his heart out and broke most strings on his guitar or like he calls it, "commited suicide on stage". Was gonna go to The Do after (which I'm starting to call Le Do) but felt a bit funny so came back home instead after hanging out with the French crew in some kebab shop. OK, this is so Doogie Howser, MD right now. Let's just say I feel like this:

Pavement - The Killing Moon

Friday, November 18, 2005


After some time trying to figure out how to host files, I couldn't wait to get to post about Quickspace. Amazing band to me! Born from the ashes of Th'Faith Healers (early 90's UK rock band on Too Pure), Quickspace was Tom Cullinan and Sean Newsham's baby. After a few singles in 94 and 95 under the name of Quickspace Supersport, a major line-up change defined the band in its most known and prolific form: Tom, Sean, Nina Pascale on vocals, Paul Chilton on keyboards and Chin on drums. from 96 to 2001, Quickspace released 3 albums, a compilation and lots of singles then they kinda disappeared after their album "the death of Quickspace" (with drumer Steve Denton on drums for this one), so premonition or what!?

Quickspace is still alive somewhere in London. They gigged a couple of times last year (with only Tom from the original line-up) and released a single on Domino. Although the band have always been reluctant to promote themselves and released records on their own label (only allowing distribution by other independent labels), I'm one of the many fans to wait for a possible new album sometime, that'll be sweet, even if it's going to be hard to top the fantastic stuff that's on "Precious Falling" or "the death of...".

So why the whole culty thing for me? Well, first respect to them for their tenacity at remaining in control of their output, even if it sounds like underground and all dude, it does take shit loads of effort to keep that sort of things running properly. But yeah musically, it's the biscuit, the Mr whippy and the Ben & Jerry all at the same time. Think psychedelic synths over distorted guitars, shuffled energetic drums and vocals so peculiar by the fragile Nina and Tom who sometimes just sings like he's doing that for the first time, constantly pushing his voice out and rediscovering it. Although Tom and Sean wrote all the stuff, you still feel the band having a blast at experimenting with their music and just playing together, so warm feel indeed coming across on the recordings (produced by Tom C.). actually, I think it was said most these albums were recorded in a their personal converted barn out in England's South Downs. On "The death of...", you sometimes hear birds singing on the background (accidental or voluntary, hopefully a bit of both). Pastoral then? OK but just listen, Quickspace are nothing like hippies and do not take themselves seriously at all. The music has many aspects to it, in the themes and how they make the emotions come together, pessimistic but nevertheless dreamers, just listen to Rise!

Well judge for yourself anyways! It's the first post so it's a treat. Happy Song #1 with the old line up and a Peel Session recording from October 95 with that. The beautiful Rise (a single). A Johnny Cash cover from a November 98 Peel Session If I Were a Carpenter. And They shoot Horses Don't They from "the death of Quickspace", with the best chorus of "don't you want my dirty love in your arms". (Sorry for the quality of the sessions, they were probably recorded on tape from the radio, a million thanks to whoever created the files.)

Quickspace Happy Song #1
If I Were a Carpenter
They Shoot Horses Don't They

And muy especially, a track from the Dougal Reed album Rumours, that's Tom, Sean and Nina covering the whole of the Fleetwood Mac album of the same name. It was released after "the death of...", complete genius homage/piss take! Here's the well known Go Your Own Way which they just take to that other level!

Go Your Own Way

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I'm currently reading Amy Spencer's wonderful book "DIY: The Rise of Lo-Fi Culture". The book deals with fanzine publishing and also the newer online publishing revolution. It illustrates the alternative ways of making onself heard, from the little world of your isolated bedroom to bigger "movements" like punk or Riot Grrrl. Through fanzines, political ideas were conveyed, personal obsessions or alternative matters as well as cultural information often based around music. The research behind the book is thorough and its emphasis on the use of lo-fi culture to build alternative communities underlines the necessity of it all. Get Amy's book from her publisher Marion Boyars Publishers

Soooo, inspired by Amy's stories of independent publishing and a few weeks of (very inspiring) Ladyfest Brighton madness which is now over (might get back to it here though), I'm finally up for doing this blog business because: I like to talk about music (maybe I'll actually have a couple of interesting things to write, who knows) and because I don't have as much time to make compilation CDs for my friends anymore.

You can expect the usual opinionated blog stuff, some MP3s (as much as I can put on there without getting told off) and stuff about the Brighton music scene that I like. Enjoy!