Sunday, November 27, 2005


This one's for the lovers. Billy Childish and Holly Golightly released the album "In Blood" in 1999. Hard to introduce that man without mentionning the hundreds of records he's released from the mid 70's until now (and the books and the paintings) but also his unique path into our hearts and ears. Billy Childish was never one to accept the many dodgy ways in which his talent could be absorbed and redigested by the media. So he only reached my ears recently and when you get the Childish bug, it never lets go. The garage blues rock sound that both Childish and Golightly are famous for sounds like it's coming from way back when. In their seemingly naive simplicity and stripped down songwriting, the pair concentrates on the feel of the music especially on this album.
One Chord! One Song! One Sound! The album is not a duet and does not have harmonies in the singing. Instead, it's a ride down a rhythm n blues tunnel of love where the two sing in unison about burning desires, love in its raw primal form and, well, ecstatic sex! Liberating? Well yeah, love is the word in the English language (or any language) that has the most bullshit attached to it, and not only in songs. What is love anyway? If you have a definition that isn't from a dictionary, thanks to comment. Or alternatively we can always get back to Plato's Symposium, but not Aristophane's stories on how we're missing that "other half" of ourselves, that's kinda too desperate (see Hedwig and the angry inch's total adherence to that fucked up concept). Socrates' concept is better and, thousands of years later, can be summed up like "you fucking drive me around the bend you little shit but that thing you do when you do this or look like that, that really gets to me."
Back to Billy and Holly anyways...
Upside Mine
I Believe
Let Me Know You


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