Sunday, December 11, 2005


At last, a classy post on the most magnificent female trio of all time, forget the Supremes, ban Bananarama, slaughter Atomic Kitten (if not done already), here's Lesbo Pig! First, let's see about the rumours surrounding this mythic band. Yes, a third of Lesbo Pig was born in the snow. Yes, Madonna wanted them to produce an album but she couldn't handle working on Minidisc (she thought the sound was worked for hours in the studio to sound authentic, it never occured to her that it was actually just...recorded in a room with people, acoustic instruments and microphones). Yes, Lesbo (aka Les Beau aka Irene) has troubles singing Up Yr Arse on stage because it's rude, she was recovering from Tourette Syndrome just as the band started recording their unique and "unique" album "At Home With Lesbo Pig". No, Pig (aka Ros) was never the heiress to the Murray Mints multinational, but she is the secret half sister of Kiefer Sutherland. Yes, Piglet (aka Anna) was stalked by the closeted Princess Victoria of Sweden, which is the main reason why she escaped to England for a while.
The identity and politics of Lesbo Pig are received like the Eucharist on a Sunday, they stick to the roof and taste a bit bittersweet. How many times did I end up in a gay bar and the lyrics of the anthemic "Up Yr Arse" suddenly popped in my head and through my mouth, wanting to burst out in a liberating chant for freedom (no not because I fancied someone there and wanted to engage in anal sex, listen to the song please). Lesbo Pig and their queer piggy army come to the rescue as gradually the gay and lesbian scenes become more gentrified and intolerant, all in the name of the pink pound (or euro or dollar, whatever). Also, she (as Lesbo Pig is an entity itself) manages to diss and criticize with light heartedness and total cuteness. Don't miss out, listen up, here are 4 of their short songs, if you want more e-mail them why don't you!

Lesbo Pig - up yr arse
Lesbo Pig - shaving pubic hair and stuff
Lesbo Pig - seahound
Lesbo Pig - sexual deviant (an Avocado Baby cover)


Anonymous ilovefags said...

Oh Nico merci beaucoup, c'est parfait pour récupérer d'un after un peu violent. Et pour penser à la perfide Albion quand on flippe dans les Mc Do français.

5:30 PM  

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