Monday, December 05, 2005

Mind your P's and Q's

Your Pussycat and Quintron are coming to Brighton with puppets too apparently (just an example on the left here). I can't wait for that show! Been listening and wiggling to the "Swamp Tech" album for the last month, to the point of having the Swamp Buggy Baddass song popping in my head when I'm out in town. But it ain't the one I'm posting, you gotta get the album guys, maybe from them directly. Instead, the Pussycat sung (shouted) Love is like a Blob is here below. I'll get on to definitions of love again, even after my pitiful attempt interpreting stuff from The Symposium. So Pussycat's version stays in line with Socrates (the philosopher, not the cat from My Space), love is something that catches you and eats you up. Examples: "oh baby yeah baby oh baby now babyyy" Miss Pussycat; "I must ask you to protect me, Agathon; for the passion of this man has grown quite a serious matter to me" Socrates, well Plato really. (oh yeah they were so gay back then in Greece.)
Anyways, I also wanted to post this wickedly stupid song with lyrics about loving shit, as it stays in line with our love theme. Teddy and the Frat Girls (aka Sheer Smegma) were a Florida punk band from the 80s, they only released a couple of singles, one of which was posted by Fatty Jubbo on his great blog Cake and Polka Parade, in links here. That song, Alophen Baby, is just so rude, really basic toilet humour quite literaly but I reckon it would tear the dancefloor in any decent indie club. This is also as a message to Crystal to say I need more US punkrock girl bands stuff in my ears please!!!

Quintron & Miss Pussycat - love is like a blob

Teddy and the Frat Girls - alophen baby


Anonymous ilovefags said...

Un blog qui parle de bonne musique, de philosophie et de chat... on peut pas rêver mieux!
Thank you for this lovely evening. I love mon amie française...

1:00 AM  

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