Friday, December 09, 2005

Quel genre de garçon???

Argh I'm still thinking of the Quintron and Ms Pussycat dance party, it was so great!!!! Do yourself a favour and go check'em out as soon as they hit your town!! Just a small post to say that we were lacking a bit of electro shit around here (unlike on Chut Up Cherita where your eurocrunk wet dreams may just come true). I've been listening to this Noblesse Oblige song a lot as a) it's good, b) it's kinda gay and c) it's fun (I don't need much do I). Don't know much about the band, I think they're German somehow. Would be intrigued to check them out live, see if thet're worth the attention.

Noblesse Oblige - quel genre de garcon


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