Friday, December 02, 2005


Hey, some arty NY no wave stuff, just what the doctor ordered! Ha wait a minute, I dug out Lizzy Mercier Descloux's 1979 "Press Color" album on ZE records which was re-released in 2003 (she died last year unfortunately). I found out I still preferred this EP which was put on the CD as a bonus. "Press Color" and Lizzy's sounds are generally more funky affairs but the Rosa Yemen EP, released in 78, is a more stripped down angsty version of what her sound was to be. 2 guitars, a voice, some field recording, percussions (and Antonin Artaud's voice somewhere apparently). Lizzy's singing is more around spoken word, almost poetry but the French or English words are only used for their rhythmic qualities to add to the two guitars rushing into 1min30s of twangy pirouettes. The effect is great, it sounds like they've taken a few drugs, like they're having a beatnick style arty freakout but it completely works for me musically. That's mostly due to the fact that, unlike other arty crap, the result is emotionally rich and strangely connected to my moods this week (insane?).

Rosa Yemen - rosa vertov
Rosa Yemen - decryptated
Rosa Yemen - herpes simplex


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