Saturday, December 31, 2005

This was that

Goodbye 2005, you were a shit year! Well I had a good year so can't complain. I'm not so sure it was the case for people on other parts of the globe where war is still going on. Equally not sure about 2006 improving things... Here in the Western middle classes with rebellious tendencies, we'll be partying for sure, what is there to do otherwise? I won't make a fuss about new year, ok maybe just a little bit. The best NYE party is happening in Brighton tonite, it's at Jack's house and Tall One Behind, Rope, Falling Boy and Charlottefield are playing. In the meantime, here's some stuff I've listened to lots this year:

Jenny Wilson - let my shoes lead me forward
that's the lady in the picture. I never thought I could listen to that much pop music anymore, how stupid really. It took this Swedish lady to put the pop world back on the right tracks. Her album "Love and Youth" was released this year and this song is the first that I heard from it. I remember the exact moment, the night was memorable already. I was in a van with friends having a night time drive through Brighton, Jenny Wilson's song pumping through the stereo, the song definitely made sense then.

Afrirampo - afrirampo
This is from the Japanese's duo previous album, the girls' Afrirampo theme tune. They were great at Ladyfest Brighton and I'm looking forward to see them again.

The Magik Markers - I trust my guitar, etc...
Mayhem on their LP of the same name. 2 girls, 1 boy, dangerous fun, free to fuck it up (whatever it is).

More tomorrow...


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