Thursday, December 01, 2005


mmmm No time for much blogging these days. I'm helping the lovely Maya to master a Leopard Leg recording. Yes people, Leopard Leg are releasing a record! One of their last gigs at the Freebutt will be out in the shops next year and it's going to be good (in a scary satanic way)!
But for now, here's some Unrest songs! I looove Unrest (which you could've guessed from my nickname). Mark Robinson, the boss of seminal Washington DC pre-grunge label TeenBeat, and Phil Krauth started the band in 1985 with a friend on bass duties. But it wasn't until the early 90's that Unrest found its unique sound mostly thanks to bassist Bridget Cross. I love them for their fun pop sound and also their experimentations. When listening to the excellent album "Imperial ffrr", you just never know what's gonna come next. A sugary power pop song, a downtempo etherial track, a jam excerpt, abstract experimentations, this album's got it all and is a total pleasure to listen to from beginning to end. Mostly, the band always sound like they're having fun playing together and don't take it all too seriously which I guess is what makes room for their experimentation antics which have little boundaries in music genres, rare in an indie band I reckon. Here we've got Deaf from a 7" Sub-Pop Singles Club release which consists entirely of cover songs that were originally released by Factory Records. The one here was by ephemeral band Crispy Ambulance. Some say it was Bridget's first record with the band others say not at all but it's good so thought I'd put it here. Next, two of the most experimental tracks from "Imperial ffrr", Champion Nines and Sugarshack, both great and very different. Last is a B-Side from the "Cath Carroll EP" called Vibe Out with Bridget on vocals, it's a bit of a psyche epic that one. Enjoy!

Unrest - Deaf
Unrest - Champion Nines
Unrest - Sugarshack
Unrest - Vibe Out


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