Monday, January 16, 2006

Copyrighted MP3s, moi!?

"Well sir, your account was temporarily stopped due to copyrighted MP3s being hosted on it." Oops, of course you think, everybody's doing MP3 blogs these days, they're actually a great way for artists to be promoted. Well Kate Bush for example does not need me to be talked about, and easyspace know that (well me too). Easyspace wanted to see a paper from EMI saying I had the authorisation to post these songs. I did try to explain to them that 4/5 songs were not actually copyrighted by EMI but it was a tough one to prove. However, if you're a Kate Bush fan, look here. The songs I had posted along with the whole of the pre "kick inside" sessions were available on the net even before I grabbed the bread from Kate Bush's mouth (french expression, may not make sense). Oh well maybe it was something to expect, they have no problems with people who "aren't signed" though. I mean yeah, what is it like being signed these days? Untouchable sound? Anyway, I'm just going to be a little wiser, juggle with providers and make the songs available for a limited time only (10 days sounds about right).

As Lesbo Pig are not signed (EMI begged and begged though) but are DIY goddesses, the songs are still available on the related post here.
Also I'm going to repost some of the previous tracks that appeared on here bit by bit. For the moment, please listen to the songs from the excellent Billy Childish and Holly Golightly album here and check out Lizzy Mercier Descloux under her Rosa Yemen disguise here.
The Electrelane video is still available on this post.


Anonymous Bib said...

courage, life is unfair

6:50 PM  
Anonymous adirtygayfag said...

lutte nico lutte, tu les auras ! we are with uuuuuu!!!

5:54 PM  

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