Thursday, January 12, 2006

This is it

Wow so long without an update.....laziness, noooooooooo. I'm doing more music of my own now with my friends Rinser Boy (Dan) and Slag Bite (Jamie). Hell, we even have a name: Failed Rockets; and a My Space page where people can listen to the improvs we recorded last week end. I'm a bit shy about it and about these particular songs being online as they are complete improvs and we haven't been playing together for that long but we thought what the heck, we were having fun while doing it! This will kinda be like a work in progress and we'll probably share our sessions through the My Space thingy. I'm very excited about this at the moment, it's ace to play music with your friends and to share it with people.
So no time for 2005 retrospectives! Who cares, the best from 2005 will remain the best in 2006. I'm looking forward to post songs by Shoplifting (whose album I'm waiting for with sheer excitement), Neptune, Gang Gang Dance, Bonga Kwenda and Felix Lajko very soon but for now, an overdue Christmas presents for all Electrelane fans out there.
I can't stress enough how much I like what Verity, Emma, Ros and Mia have achieved as a musical unit, especially with the 2005 album Axes. It's actually very hard to talk about a band you like so much... I'll have several attempts as there will definitely be other posts about Electrelane with more rare footage and live cuts (in agreement with the main protagonists of course).
In October 2003, Brighton saw its first Brighton live week, an event which was then organised in association with BBC Radio 1 live, a radio promoted annual festival always taking place in a different city in England. One of the highlights was the Electrelane gig at the Old Market, a Peel Session where the band played tracks from their yet unreleased album "The Power Out". To date, this is the only live performance of the song The Valleys, a wonderful choir based song with a Jazz feel. 6 men and 6 women joined the ladies on stage to peform it (but you couldn't see the boys very well due to lack of space on stage). Ros was not in the band yet for this performance, Rachel Dalley was then handling the bass lines. Here is a video of the track filmed with my trusty (but now broken) DV cam (I'm not a pro, sorry about the shakes). This goes out to all the people from the Electrelane forum. Enjoy!
WARNING: it is a large file and will take a while to download (if you have a dial-up connection, I would suggest that you ask one of your friends with Broadband to download it for you). PC users can play this video in Windows Media Player (to save, right click and choose save target as). Mac users may not be able to play this in Quicktime (I'm not so sure, you can try anyway but save it by doing a control click, I know that much!). A tip: if you have Windows Media Player for Mac it should be fine. If not, please proceed and download the Mac OS X version of VLC PLayer from VideoLan, it's a very safe and useful media player, you can play absolutely everything with it.

Electrelane - The Valleys


Anonymous Cécilou said...

Waaaaahhhh Nico! Que dire? MERCI!
Faut qu'on se refasse une petite soirée Electrelane. J'écoute tes expérimentations dès que je rentre. Oulala I'm excited!

8:23 PM  
Anonymous Tony said...

This is awesome. Thanks.

2:40 AM  

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