Sunday, March 19, 2006

Last night at home

On Friday I was preparing to go back to the mother country (France). Instead of packing, I started to record one of those podcast things. Well there was so many songs that I wanted to share as they've been on my walkman throughout winter. The program is pretty moody and melancholic, which is sometimes how I feel the night before going home or rather, the place one calls home as in where you've grown up. For me it's always the change of culture that makes me reflective. It's like switching from one identity to another, not that it' unpleasant but my first reflex is to reach for a constant. Music helps greatly to get back to a moment where, whatever happens, you'll feel the same way about something, the sounds would stir familiar feelings. The program is split in two, so you can listen to one part while you download the other.

Last night at home pt1
Last night at home pt2

In part 1 you'll find:
Vera November - flourish (music for These Horses)
Make Up - watch it with that thing
Wet Dog - steal a car
The Knife - heartbeats (session)
Black Lips - hippy hippy hoorah
I'm Being Good - sixteen children's eyes
Bonga - venda poro
Vera November - our last night together

In part 2 you'll find:
Dirty Three w/ Catpower - great waves
Sprills of Ore - hidden away
Failed Rockets - maybe I
excerpt from Jean Vigo's L'Atalante
Ray Rumours - looking for you
Frànçois - I'm so glad I met you
Tuenayo - polie snay
Jenny Wilson - a hesitating cloud of despair
Charlottefield - how long
Electrelane - oh sombra (session)
Las Pulpas - vaya momento